As I finish up this week, I enter a new transition in life, wrapping up at a company I've worked at for the past 11 years.  I'm excited, yet anxious.


Something new awaits...

Back in 2003, shortly after being laid off when the "dot-com bubble" burst, I started freelancing as a copywriter for, a website that provides resources for those who work in children's ministry.  My boss, Karl Bastian, knew me via his sister Melissa, who was one of my high school youth leaders and had seen me work as a goofy summer camp song leader.

That opportunity grew into a full-time job, where I eventually took on the position as Kidology's Director of Web Operations… basically overseeing the creative and technical aspects behind-the-scenes at an Internet-based organization.  From puppets to web servers, curriculum to cup stacking, it was a role where I was often known as the "Swiss Army Knife," having to stretch my talents across many different skillsets.

I really enjoyed the diversity of the job, as each day was not like the previous.  Working for a small non-profit, you got to wear many hats.  My time with Kidology also allowed me to work out of a home office, which really cut down on my commute, as well as provided quality time to connect with our son.

I like companies that start with "K"

I like companies that start with "K"

Recently, God opened a door for me to explore a new opportunity.  And after much thought and evaluation, I decided to take on a new challenge.  For someone like myself who doesn't really thrive on change, it's been an interesting point to arrive at.  But Amy & I felt that the time was right to challenge my skills with something new.

So this week I finish up my time with Kidology with mixed emotions.  I've learned quite a bit and am so thankful for the opportunity Karl and his team have allowed me to experience.  At the end of the month, I start in a new role at kCura, a software firm in downtown Chicago.  I'll be taking on the role of Marketing Specialist, working in corporate communications and social media.

This new endeavor will be quite a change in many aspects — for one thing, I'll have to remember how this whole "commute to work" thing goes — but I feel it will also be a fitting opportunity for me to grow personally.  We'll see what happens!