Back in October, we hosted our 5th "Clue Night", where we welcomed 13 friends to join us in playing multiple versions of the boardgame Clue, while enjoying some good food, conversation, and laughter watching the 1985 film of the same name.

Anyone for a game of Clue?

This fall tradition is something we started shortly after getting married, hosting a "beta test" followed by events in 2006, 2007, and 2009.  It was a way to tie into the "mystery" element of the Halloween season in a unique way.  And even though our boardgame affections have strayed heavily towards Ticket to Ride, we still have a warm place in our hearts for Clue.

Mr. Green & Mrs. Peacock up to foul play!

Amy & I own 40+ derivatives of Clue/Cluedo (the latter being the original UK name), including themed versions, puzzles, spinoffs, associated products, and media adaptations.  It was even the theme of the Tanner Christmas Tree Village in 2009.

Jason with "Flames, On The Side of My Face"

I setup 3 tables with different versions of the Clue game and we all broke up into groups to play a few games.  I also wired various televisions together like I often do for our annual Festive Film Friday open house events to show the Clue film in multiple locations at the same time. Always a good seat!

Playing Restoration Hardware Collector's Edition Clue

Some Disney Clue action!

We pulled together a collection of desserts and snacks… and a guest even brought some Italian beef!  We had a few friends dress up with Clue-themed outfits, which was pretty awesome, with the best dressed outfit winning the Clue movie on DVD.

Anyone hungry?

We also had a couple contests, including a Clue Trivia Quiz.  We gave the folks with the most correct answers Clue books.  How many of these questions can you answer correctly without using Google?

  • What year was the boardgame Clue invented?
  • What was the original name of the boardgame Clue?
  • Upon being created in the United Kingdom, Clue was eventually imported to the United States, however two suspect characters were renamed.  Which ones?  (BONUS: The victim was also renamed.  What was the original name?)
  • What is the minimum number of spaces that a player needs to enter a room from their starting spot on the board?
  • In the Clue movie, what year does the film take place?
  • How many murders take place in the Clue movie?
  • Which actor(s) who portrayed the main suspects in the Clue movie are dead in real life?
  • How much money did the Clue movie make at the box office?
  • There was a 4th ending that was scripted and filmed for the Clue movie, but was not released.  Who was the murderer in this ending?
  • A new Clue film has been announced by Universal Studios, slated for a 2011 release.  Who has been attached to direct this movie?

We had some diversity in which games we played during the evening, but they included Clue: Discover the Secrets (also known as Clue Reinvention, or in other words, Hasbro's current "official version" of the game), The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Clue, Restoration Hardware Collector's Edition Clue, Clue FX, and Dungeons & Dragons Clue.

The winner of each game had their photo taken with the solution cards, as well as winning a coveted "Tanner Clue Night" trophy… made of out 4×6 index cards and a plastic magnifying glass.  Yes, we keep things classy!

Jen won "Tower of Terror Clue" Game #1: Mickey Mouse as the Leading Man with the Film Reel on the Terrace

Megan won "Collector's Edition Clue": Mrs. White with the Candlestick in the Library

Fred won "Dungeons & Dragons Clue": Lidda the Halfling Rogue with the Staff of Power in the Magical Armory

Sarah won "Tower of Terror Clue" Game #2: Mickey Mouse as the Leading Man with the Script in the Billiard Room

Nick won "Clue: Discover the Secrets": Mustard with the Ax in the Theater

Catherine won "Clue FX": Rusty with the Tennis Racquet in Tudor Mansion

Ironically, the evening ended up with two simultaneous games of Ticket to Ride being played.  Hey, I thought this was Clue Night!

Ticket to Ride? Wait a minute!

Thanks to everyone who came out and shared in the fun of playing one of our favorite boardgames. We hope you all had a great time!

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