On Saturday, October 10 we held our 4th "Clue Night", welcoming 16 friends to join us in playing multiple versions of the boardgame Clue, while enjoying some good food, conversation, and laughter watching the 1985 film of the same name.

Yes, we have many versions of "Clue"!

We first held a "beta test" of this idea shortly after we got married, and continued it in 2006 and 2007, taking a break last year — why, we're not really sure. I think we sort of forgot, to be honest!

I built a "Tower of Clue" for this event

Amy & I own 40+ derivatives of Clue/Cluedo (the latter being the original UK name), including themed versions, puzzles, spinoffs, associated products, and media adaptations.

Amy, Jason, & Steve gear up for Harry Potter Clue

The challenge for us, however, is that Clue requires 3 or more players… which we often don't have (it's one reason we play Ticket to Ride quite a bit these days). Yes, we've modified some rules to enable 2-person play, but it's just not the same as going head-to-head with friends. Thus why we look forward to "Clue Night"!

Of course we watched the 1985 cult film!

We setup our condo to feature 4 complete tables for playing Clue, with some game versions using the basic rule, while others showcased more advanced play. I also wired various televisions together like I often do for our annual Festive Film Friday open house events to show the Clue film in multiple locations at the same time. Always a good seat!

Amy made spice cake from scratch (Photo by Sarah Horvath)

Given how the weather was chilly, Amy cooked up 3 homemade soups to share with our guests… and wow, was the eating good! Combined with various desserts and beverage options (yes, of course we had beverage options), it was a hearty feast.

Catherine really dressed the part!

Guests were also able to take home some "detective" party favors… because everyone loves cheap plastic stuff from China, right? One of the attendees, our friend Catherine, actually dressed the part of Mrs. Peacock and really fit the role. Nice job!

Collector's Edition played by Branden, Megan, Scott, Nick, & Amy

Sarah is confused, while Brad just takes notes

The versions of choice during this "Clue Night" included the Restoration Hardware-exclusive "Collector's Edition", which comes with a high-end gameboard recessed in wood, with a glass top covering a three-dimensional playing surface. It was a gift a few years ago from my boss and it's probably the prize of my collection. Very cool!

Getting a game at the bottom of the pile was very Jenga-like (Photo by Sarah Horvath)

Alex & Adriana enjoy Scooby Doo Clue

I also pulled out the Disney Twilight Zone Tower of Terror version, which has a unique theme and quality components. However, an old favorite was preferred by many players… Scooby Doo Clue.

Steve explains the complexities of Clue Reinvention (Photo by Sarah Horvath)

Steve, Becky, & Catherine try to figure out the game

Two advanced versions of Clue were also played, including the new flagship from Hasbro, Clue: Discover the Secrets (also known as Clue Reinvention). In May, I wrote an extensive review about this version, which has its pros and cons. It's currently sold as "the" version of Clue at mainstream stores, even though much of the gameplay has changed dramatically from the classic Clue we all grew up with.

The very-monochromatic Harry Potter Clue board

Steve won "Clue Reinvention" Game #1: Plum with the Trophy in the Kitchen

Taking things a step crazier, we also had Harry Potter Clue, which is based on the new Reinvention system and has quite a bit of rule changes itself, including secret passages that are always changing, the ability to be killed by the "Black Mark", and casting spells. It's an odd version that takes a while to play.

Branden won "Collector's Edition Clue": Mr. Green with the Wrench in the Dining Room

Steve won "Harry Potter Clue": Peter Pettigrew with Impedimenta in the Potions Classroom

Unfortunately, it seems Hasbro is taking the Monopoly route with Clue these days, using the new Reinvention system to pimp out the game to a bunch of licensees, such as The Office, 24, Seinfeld, and a crazy Secrets & Spies edition.

Amy won "Clue Reinvention" Game #2: Plum with the Dumbbell in the Living Room

Scott won "Scooby Doo Clue": Velma as Mrs. Peacock with Redbeard's Sword in the Library

Feedback from our guests seem to favor the old reliable rules of playing the game, though Amy & I played with some big Harry Potter fans who really enjoyed that theme which used different structure. Your mileage may vary, however.

Thanks to everyone who came out and shared in the fun of playing one of our favorite boardgames. We hope you all had a great time!

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