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Earlier this month, our blog here at has garnered the attention of some high-traffic, Chicago-based websites.

First off was a story on about my successful parking ticket battle with the city.

Blogger Makes Beating Parking Tickets Look Easy

Blogger Makes Beating Parking Tickets Look Easy

We also got an "Odd Obsessions" shoutout from regarding our ongoing coverage of the CNA building's lighted window messages:

Odd Obsessions: CNA Window Art

Odd Obsessions: CNA Window Art

Thanks for the mentions!


CNA Center and the Chicago Blackhawks 2010


It amazes me every time a Chicago sports team finds itself poised to win a championship. Why? Because buildings around Chicago often will sport colors and messages showing their pride behind the franchise. And EVERY TIME, local television news anchors play dumb and ask "wow, how do they do that?" — completely forgetting that they ran the exact same story just a few years ago. But hey, it's what passes for local "news" these days, I guess.

Blackhawks and CNA Plaza (Source: CNA - Used with Permission)

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