December 19: I'm The Real Santa

December 19: I'm The Real Santa

Sequel to: The Santa Clause (Film, 1994), The Santa Clause 2 (Film, 2002)

Proving that they wanted to be Tim Allen's welfare check, Disney came out with a second sequel to The Santa Clause in 2006, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. Why? The world may never know. This film pitted Santa Clause against Jack Frost (or Tim Allen vs. Martin Short). If this sounds like the plot from a 1970s Rankin/Bass Frosty the Snowman script, then you are right!

It's notable that this was originally slated to be a Disney Channel release, but then got promoted to full theatrical status.

Today's song by the Swedish band The Refreshments — I'm The Real Santa — attempts to play off the conflict between Claus and Frost in the film. The movie was pretty bad, but the song is rather catchy!

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