December 18: The Chanukah Song: Part 3

December 18: The Chanukah Song: Part 3

Sequel to: The Chanukah Song (Song, 1995), The Chanukah Song: Part 2 (Song, 1999)

The third time's a charm, right?

Apparently for Adam Sandler, it is, as today we present The Chanukah Song: Part 3, the third in his trilogy. Heck, this one even has a children's choir!

Two versions of this song were actually released, as it was part of the soundtrack to his animated film flop, Eight Crazy Nights (Rotten Tomatoes Score: 12%). There was a "Movie Version" and a "Radio Version," with the former being a little cleaner than the latter (which is what is featured today). That said, as mentioned in my "Special Listener Note" below, be selective in how you experience this song.

After a run of releases in 1995, 1999, and 2002, the bandwagon of Chanukah Songs seemed to stop. A "Part 4" has never materialized. One has to wonder if the novelty had completely worn off by the time a 2nd sequel came around.

Special Listener Note: As this is an Adam Sandler recording, it blurs the line of family-friendliness I typically hold for the 25 Days. You may want to preview before exposing to impressionable kids, pets, and other humans.

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