December 15: It's The Thought That Counts

December 15: It's The Thought That Counts

Sequel to: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (TV Special, 1978)

1978 must have been a good year for stupid pills. Because it definitely wasn't a good year for Christmas sequels (remember the Star Wars Holiday Special?)

A Special Sesame Street Christmas has the distinction of being a Christmas TV special that sequeled its sibling show just 5 days after airing.

The story goes that those in charge of the Sesame Street franchise at the time actually authorized 2 different hour-long specials for Christmas 1978. The one everyone remembers was Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, which aired on PBS on December 3. A few days later, another special aired on CBS… which no one remembers. The producers of that 2nd special simply licensed a few characters (it only featured Oscar, Big Bird, and Barkley) and the set from Sesame Street, but in the end, turned it into a horrid variety-type show with a cast of pop-culture stars.

One such "star" was Leslie Uggams, who apparently had some fame singing or something. Unfortunately, based on this song she performs, she also excelled in being annoying. It's The Thought That Counts was recently released on the official soundtrack to this special (even though the special itself has never been released). Why would they release a soundtrack to a dud of a Christmas special? Oh, because one of the other stars it featured was a guy named Michael Jackson.

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