December 11: The Chanukah Song: Part 2

December 11: The Chanukah Song: Part 2

Sequel to: The Chanukah Song (Song, 1995)

With a theme like "Santa's Sequel Sellouts," you just knew I was going to revisit The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler, right? As noted when we talked about Neil Diamond's cover of the original, the first song debuted in 1995 (and was featured on the 2002 edition of Steve's 25 Days).

Sandler kept the franchise going with The Chanukah Song: Part 2 in 1999, featuring a "new list of people who are Jewish." This recording was done live at Brandeis University (Waltham, MA) for Sandler's comedy album, Stan and Judy's Kid.

Special Listener Note: As this is an Adam Sandler recording, it blurs the line of family-friendliness I typically hold for the 25 Days. You may want to preview before exposing to impressionable kids, pets, and other humans.

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