December 10: Santa Claus Lane

December 10: Santa Claus Lane

Sequel to: The Santa Clause (Film, 1994)

After the success of Tim Allen's The Santa Clause in 1994, Disney pushed a sequel into production with a broader marketing approach. The Santa Clause 2 debuted in 2002 not only with an abundance of really bad CGI, but also a theme song provided by Disney Channel superstar Hillary Duff. Santa Claus Lane was hyped considerably across the Disney empire to help promote the film. The movie itself was not exactly critically loved, but it did well enough commercial to spawn another sequel 4 years later. (Translation: Tim Allen's career was pretty much supported solely by the Mouse for a decade or so).

The film lacked the heart of the original, as most sequels do. But it did give us a power-pop tune to feature on Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music!

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