December 9: There Goes The Grinch

December 9: There Goes The Grinch

Sequel to: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (TV Special, 1966)

As I previously mentioned, the 1970s were prime for Christmas sequels for some reason. Here we have another example of the third type of Christmas sequel, "Non-Christmas Songs/Shows/Movies that are sequels to Christmas Songs/Shows/Movies." In this case, it was a Halloween-themed follow up called Halloween in Grinch Night, which apparently also served as a prequel in 1977 (long pre-dating the combination of Halloween/Christmas in The Nightmare Before Christmas). In later showings, the Halloween name was dropped and when it was released on video, the show became It's Grinch Night.

In any case, it's obvious that this was an attempt to make a franchise out of the success of the Christmas Grinch show. And in the end, it also appears that didn't really work out with this Halloweem-themed special. For today's song, There Goes The Grinch, a chorus sings the main theme at the conclusion to the program. As you listen to the lyrics, this tune could be used in any application, not just Halloween. It would fit right in during a Christmas episode (you'll also discover some really great 1970s instrumentals!)

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