Santa's Sequel Sellouts - December 4: The Chanukah Song

Santa's Sequel Sellouts - December 4: The Chanukah Song

Sequel to: The Chanukah Song (Song, 1995)

I featured Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song" back in the 2002 edition of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music. Following the rules of the 25 Days, once a track is featured one year, it cannot be included again in future installments. This has made it rather difficult to avoid repeat performances in the 303 songs showcased over 12 years. (See, it's actually hard work to pull these off!)

Today's song is more of a sellout rather than a sequel, and we have to thank Neil Diamond for that. For some ridiculous reason, he decided to perform his own version of The Chanukah Song back in 2009… and it's weird. I'm not sure what he was thinking in following-up the original from Sandler, but the style is all wrong. There are also subtle changes in the lyrics, such as discouraging use of marijuana. Additionally, a line is changed from "Tom Cruise isn't but I heard his agent is" to "Tom Cruise isn't, but Jesus Christ is."

So thank you, Mr. Diamond, for allowing me the chance to share this song again during our celebration of those who thought they could make a quick buck by cranking out a follow-up to something originally successful. You have kept the benchmark of sequels low!

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