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Celtic Canada (2009)

Celtic Canada (2009)

For some reason, there's a "5-person, kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing Celtic rock group that performs traditional and original songs for Guests of all ages" in the Canadian pavilion of Epcot's World Showcase. Despite the fact that it seems like an odd thematic placement, they are actually quite fun to watch. Yup, I'm talking about Off Kilter.

Disney officially describes the group way:

Hailing all the way from Puerto Rico to Ireland, Off Kilter loves to play good old rock 'n' roll with a wacky Canada-centric sense of humor. Blending traditional Celtic instruments with more modern electronics, the very popular Off Kilter creates hard-driving music and big bellylaughs for everyone in the family.

Just what exactly is a "Canada-centric sense of humor"?  In any case, we enjoy listening to them.  I think one of the reasons they've lasted as long (since 1997) as they have is their great audience interaction, as well as often perform recognizable cover versions of popular songs.

Or it's the kilts.