Theme Park Thursdays feature photos from one of our theme park adventures in the past.

Steve, Mom, & Karen at the Crystal Palace (1985)

Steve, Mom, & Karen at the Crystal Palace (1985)

Let's jump back in time again to 1985, during the same Walt Disney World vacation that brought my sister picking her nose and the simple elegance of Spaceship Earth.

Here you see a photo -— taken with a Kodak Instamatic 126 film camera -— that features myself, my Mom, and my sister Karen posing in the Magic Kingdom, with the Crystal Palace restaurant anchoring the end of Main Street USA. Unfortunately, I don't see one trash can in this photo. However, you can see a white bridge on the right side, which takes you to the entrances of Adventureland and Liberty Square.

Of course my little 7-year-old sister looks cute in this photo. But just what in the world happened to my attire? I'm donning a 1985 Phantom Ranch t-shirt from the camp we attended in the summer (and where I eventually met Amy). Adding to the ensemble is not only a pair of cutoff jean shorts, but also a belt with a buckle emblazoned with my name. Cap it all off with some tall tube socks. Yeah, I was totally styling back then!

You know what you don't see in this photo? Quick service food carts, Disney Vacation Club information stands, or Princesses. Ah, the good ole days at Walt Disney World!