Theme Park Thursdays feature photos from one of our theme park adventures in the past.

Splash Mountain On-Ride Photo (2007)

Splash Mountain On-Ride Photo (2007)

Without a doubt, my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom is Splash Mountain. The attraction originally opened at Disneyland in 1989, using a single-file seating arrangement. The larger-capacity, side-by-side logs were used when Walt Disney World's version debuted in 1992.

I love the idea that this attraction is based on a movie that Disney refuses to re-release to the public (1946's Song of the South). I love the large use of animatronic figures to tell a story. I love the music that sets the tone for the adventures of Brer Rabbit. And for some reason, I'm terrified of that large drop at the end… but always want to go ride it again!

Today's image is a screencapture of the on-ride photo taken during that final drop. Shot during a September 2007 trip, it features my sister Karen and my Dad in the front row, my Mom hiding under a white hat in the second row, and Amy & I in the third row.

Historically, there have been no restraints on the ride. You just got in the boat and hung on. However, in January during a rehab, lap bar restraints were added to the logs, apparently to keep folks from trying to get out of them mid-ride. Thanks for ruining the fun, idiots who can't stay on the ride!