Theme Park Thursdays feature photos from one of our theme park adventures in the past.

Amy & Greg are horsing around! (1979)

Amy & Greg are horsing around! (1979)

We're back in 1979 to check up on 3½-year-old Amy riding Cinderella's Golden Carrousel with her brother Greg in Fantasyland. You may recall that Amy has issues with her brother in theme parks, thus it's probably a good idea that these two are somewhat separated for this photo.

In the background you can see Snow White's Adventures, which opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971, renamed to "Snow White's Scary Adventures" in 1994, and slated to close soon thanks to the Fantasyland Expansion project. In its place? A meet-and-greet area called "Princess Fairytale Hall". Gag.

Incidentally, the carousel that Amy & Greg are riding was also recently renamed to Prince Charming Regal Carrousel; apparently boys will feel more welcome to ride it now, even though nothing else has actually changed.

Sometimes, you just have to question those marketing bozos at Disney.