It was March 1997 and I was a senior in college. A few guys that lived on my floor invited me to join them for Spring Break in Florida, as one of them lived there at the time.

Steve sings a painful "Via Dolorosa"

Steve sings a painful "Via Dolorosa"

I'm not a Spring Break party animal, thus during our stay we enjoyed a day at the Magic Kingdom, spent a lot of time outside, watched a few spring baseball games, and attended a very early Sunrise Easter Service at a local church. Needless to say, because of that early wake-up call, we were quite tired from getting up at the crack of dawn, and personally, I think I was a bit loopy.

This video is a result.

At the time, I hosted a college radio show 2 days a week with my friend, Rob Olson ("Tunes at Ten" — can you guess when it aired?). Having attended a Christian college, our playlist was largely defined by what was being cranked out by the Christian music industry. The same industry, I should add, that didn't seem to know how to handle incidents of some of their own being "unfaithful"… at the time, that included Sandi Patti, Michael English, and someone from the group First Call.

Often my co-host and I would take an irreverent view of the Christian music subculture, because frankly, even though we were living in that very bubble, something about it just seemed to rub us the wrong way.

It's with that backstory that I present to you my rendition of a popular Easter song by Sandi Patti, "Via Dolorosa". During our Spring Break trip, someone had a copy of the accompaniment performance track to this song, complete with lyrics.

In the backseat of a minivan with my floormate Chris Locker, we provided a unique (and somewhat sacrilegious) take on this tune.

And yes, I'm a complete dork.

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