The first Monday in March is always a school holiday here in Illinois, thanks to Revolutionary War hero, Casimir Pulaski. He was a Polish cavalry officer known for his contributions in training U.S. soldiers.  On behalf of the large Chicago Polish population (myself included), I wish you a Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

Pulaski Road

Corner of Pulaski & Addison

As a tribute to Pulaski, the city council voted in 1938 to rename the north-south running Crawford Ave. to Pulaksi Road.

Chicago also has a program for "Honorary" street names, which are denoted by brown signs that are hung along with the real green street signs. For some odd reason, someone found the need to create a "Honorary Casimir Pulaski Way"… on the existing Pulaski Road.  I mean, the street is already named after Pulaski.  Did you really need a honorary designation as well?  Did someone not realize what Pulaski Road was actually named after?  How idiotic is this?

Got to love Chicago politics!