Culinary Christmas - December 18: Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Culinary Christmas - December 18: Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Featured Foods: Gooseberry Pie

As I was picking Culinary Christmas-themed songs for this year's Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music, today's song — Have a Holly Jolly Christmas — came to mind, namely for the reference to "have a cup of cheer." Unfortunately, we had already featured the most well-known version of this song, Burl Ives' rendition, back in 2003 during our Merry Media Memories edition.

Thus I started looking for different versions. I came across today's rendition by the Disney Princesses (yeah, let's all give out a collective groan!) Ironically, they changed the lyrics to remove the phrase "cup of cheer." However, at the end of the song, there's this interaction between Snow White and Grumpy, where she bribes him to be happy by offering to bake him a Gooseberry Pie. Well, that's a food item and it's good enough for me!

As for the rest of the song, I apologize in advance. There's a reason we buried it on a Saturday!

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