Culinary Christmas - December 15: A Marshmallow World

Culinary Christmas - December 15: A Marshmallow World

Featured Foods: Marshmallows, whipped cream, pumpkins, sugar

We've got two classics colliding in a Culinary Christmas bowl of fun today. First off, it's Brenda Lee, who is probably best known as the vocalist on "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (which we featured way back in 2002 — on this EXACT day, in fact). Take her distinctive voice and overlay that with the fun found in A Marshmallow World… and we're talking good times!

We featured two different versions of "Marshmallow" back in 2008 as part of our Dueling December Ditties theme. There we had Johnny Mathis taking on both Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin. This time around Ms. Lee modifies the lyrics a little to have the song reflect a female perspective. Listen specifically for the change in words from "talk a walk with your favorite girl" to "talk a walk with your favorite GUY".

How do you think Brenda did in pulling off this song?

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