Culinary Christmas - December 6: Ding Fries Are Done

Culinary Christmas - December 6: Ding Fries Are Done

Featured Foods: Whoppers, french fries, apple pie

Welcome to a new week of Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music, continuing our Culinary Christmas theme!

We now feature the song that totally ruined "Carol of the Bells" for me, because everytime I hear an instrumental version of that song, I instead sing the lyrics from today's tune. Yes, it's Ding Fries Are Done!

According to, "Ding Fries Are Done is a parody of the Christmas carol song Carol of the Bells, sung by a mysterious singer only known as "Billy." This is a singlet track off a 1993 Christmas album titled A Very Spastic Christmas. On December 11, 1994, the song was featured for the first time on the Dr. Demento radio show as part of his annual Christmas-themed episodes. It has been featured over an additional 40 times on the show since then." "Ding Fries Are Done" was incorporated into a popular animated video around 2002 and uploaded to YouTube years later, eventually recording views into the millions. It's also been spoofed by many folks, including the TV show Family Guy (here's the version they aired).

What do french fries and apple pies have to do with Christmas? Absolutely nothing! But the song is still annoyingly humorous. I've got a good friend who can pretty much sing this in the same style spot on ("Hi Nick!"), so it makes me smile every time I hear it.

I dare you to think of "Carol of the Bells" in the same way again! (But if you want to, might I point you to this traditional version we featured back in 2004 for our Wordless Winter Wonderland theme!)

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