Last weekend we returned to Jonamac Orchards for some fall activity fun in their corn maze.  You may recall that we first checked this place out last September.

Beautiful Fall Sky

Steve & Amy tackle the corn maze

Jonamac is located in Malta, IL, right off the Lincoln Highway near DeKalb.  It just takes a bit of travel from the city.  Hop on I-88 and keep driving for a while!

Welcome to Jonamac Orchards

On the way out, however, we stopped off in Aurora to check out the recently-opened Chick-fil-A.  Woo hoo!  Good chicken and we don't even have to drive over the border to get it.  The even-closer Wheaton location will be opening in November, which should be great.

Chick-fil-A in Aurora

This year's corn maze was themed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts, thus their logo was used as the basis for the design.  I'm not sure if this was harder than the Lincoln head we did last year; we still got lost quite a bit!

Boy Scout-themed Corn Maze

One thing that was very obvious compared to our visit last fall was the color of the corn itself.  We tackled the corn maze earlier in the 2009 season, thus everything was still quite green.  This time around, the tan color of husks was everywhere!

Amy takes a break at the corn maze lookout bridge

In a way, I think it made the maze just a little easier to navigate because you could see through the stalks better.  Didn't matter, however, we still had a heck of a time finding all the checkpoints located in the maze.

Steve discovers Checkpoint A

The weather was beautiful, the folks we interacted with along the way humorous, and overall, it was a great time to be had out in the country.

Watch out for "Corn Cops"

There was a ton of other stuff to do at the Orchard… hay rides (without the hay), apple slingshot launching, apple shooting (using compressed air gun), kids play area, etc.  You could easily spend an entire day there (and if you get lost in the maze, you just might!)

Is there any truth in this photo?

Overall, a very fun experience!