I recently got a new hat, thanks to my friend Branden who visited Walt Disney World not too long ago. I had seen this hat show up on some theme park blogs, so I asked him to track it down while at the Magic Kingdom.

My new Monorail Hat!

It's orange and black and features an iconic Spanish phrase on the front: "Por favor manténganse se alejado de las puertas." As any Disney theme park fan will recognize, this is the safety spiel that plays when boarding the monorail.

Can you say this?

I've written about this spiel before, ironically when I tracked down a t-shirt with the same phrase. Here's the audio for the safety spiel, recorded by "the Voice of Disneyland", Jack Wagner:

Audio: "Please stand clear…"

Jack passed away in 1995, but he still is the "voice" of the monorail safety message at the parks. I also use this audio on my phone as my ringtone. Yes, I'm a dork.

Hi Mickey!

Incidentally, the hat is part of Disney's "Vintage 1928 Collection", which has a worn and distressed look… thus the built-in rips and tears on the hat. Very cool!