Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast discussion about the Arena Football League. I'll be writing more about the return of the AFL after a year of hiatus, but if you want to hear me babbling about the league, give it a listen.

Audio: Listen to the AFL Roundtable Podcast

This was the first episode of AFL Roundtable, hosted the by folks at

It was facilitated by Tim Capper, Canadian-based staff member of ArenaFan. The show also featured JP Worley, who co-hosts another AFL-based show with Tim, and Henry Primeaux, who helps run

I'm not sure why I was asked to participate. It's like I've ever had an opinion or anything. I've always been more interested in the business and marketing side of alternative football leagues more than the X's & O's, so my opinions tend to be a bit different than those who are "really into" the indoor football world.

Or maybe it was my interest in the "new" AFL's first national sponsor, Le Vai Alkaline Ionized Water. Yeah, that should make for an interesting beverage review! I'm still waiting on my review sample from the company.