On Sunday we gathered with some friends at an Oscars party. One of the requirements in attending this party was to bring a food item that was themed to a nominee.

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Amy & I did some brainstorming and worked on a cake that looked like the house from Disney/Pixar's Up. We called it the 'Up'cake (as in, "cupcake"), and it took home the prize for most creative entry.

We used the following images for inspiration:

Amy showcases the 'Up'cake

Here's a look at the other food entries:

Romulan Ale (Star Trek)

10 Nominee Layer Dip (For 10 Best Picture Nominees)

Red Carpet Cake

Pandora Upside Down Cake (Avatar & Up)

'Up'cake (Up)

Down Home in New Orleans Jambalaya (Best Song: "Down Home in New Orleans")

Julia's (not Julie's) Boeuf Bourguignan (Julie & Julia)

Hurt Lox & Bagels (The Hurt Locker)

Hurt Locker Cake (The Hurt Locker)

Transformation Rolls (Transformers 2)

The Lonely Scones (The Lonely Bones)

Harry Potter and the Half Drank Beer (Harry Potter)